Laugh it out – the power of laughter

The title of this post speaks for itself really: folks, laugh as often and as hard as you can with your partner, your spouse, your date or alone by yourself. Giggle, smile and laugh your hearts out, until tears run down your face and your belly hurts.

love-1194312__340Not only is laughing a great way of relieving tension and stress, it also almost instantly lifts your spirits. By laughing we pump oxygen into our lungs and our brain releases endorphins – those “happy-hormones”, responsible for lightning our moods. Which is why, whenever we feel a bit low, it’s always a good idea to laugh it out. Granted, sometimes we don’t feel like smiling, let alone laughing. The saying “appetite comes while eating” applies for laughing as well: trick your mind into releasing those happy-hormones by smiling and “forcing” a chuckle. It will eventually turn into a spontaneous giggle, believe me, and you’ll soon feel yourself relaxing and enjoying it.

Laughing is a great way to bond with others and above all with your partner. In fact, have you ever noticed how couples often have their own sense of humor, nobody around them seems to get but them? Having insider-jokes only you and your spouse get and, which make the two of you crack up, is such a valuable thing. So, work on obtaining that sense of humor together.

What if you don’t feel very humorous? No worries – laughing and humor can be learned. It’s a habit really, which we can easily acquire and teach ourselves with a little practice. The key is to figure out, what kind of humor works for you. Whether it’s dry English humor, funny pictures, silly videos on YouTube or whatever rocks your boat.

My husband and I for example love stand-up comedy, which we discovered during a trip to New York about 5 years ago. We go to live shows or watch them on TV and laugh our brains out at the jokes and even outdo each other, seeing who can laugh the loudest (mind you, we both have ridiculously loud and scary sounding laughs). Anybody listening to us, would think we are seriously deranged. Who cares? Life is too serious anyway, so I say: never pass up on an opportunity to have a good laugh and to be silly with your significant other. It’s a great bonding experience and sometimes even more valuable than a good talk.

couple-1838940_960_720It can be a great way to diffuse a tense situation as well, if you manage to crack a joke at just the right moment or make a weird voice to make him smile. Doing voices and impersonations is another one of our specialties. My husband and I have tons of characters for all possible situations, which we love to impersonate sometimes for hours on end until one of us surrenders laughing. I cannot begin to count the times when I’d arrived home totally stressed out from work and in a bad mood, only to find my husband answering the door as “Mr. Miyagi” from the movie “the next karate kid”, wearing my bathrobe as a Kimono and calling me “Baby-San”. It’s so much fun and doing voices and impersonations has become “our thing” – our way to de-stress after a hard day. Much like others would enjoy a glass of wine (not that we don’t enjoy a good glass of wine ourselves).

We make it a point to laugh as much as possible together and at each other, without going too far (you don’t want to ridicule your spouse). I would say, this is one of the secrets to our solid marriage, as we don’t take each other too seriously.

It works wonders and there is nothing more satisfying to me than seeing my husband laughing at something I said, knowing I am giving him a good time. And it’s so simple too. No need for complicated strategies.

Laughing and goofing around keeps your spirit young, which is yet another great benefit of laughing. I am in fact so addicted to laughing that I am even considering going to one of those laughter yoga classes, which I read about on the internet. I am curious to see what it is like, to laugh in a group of total strangers. I’ll keep you posted…

Laugh and the world will laugh with you, my pretty ones

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