The 21 day self-care challenge

  1. Smile and pay a compliment to strangers. For example, if the woman sitting next to you on the bus is wearing a gorgeous outfit, tell her; or if a work colleague made a smart comment at the staff meeting, tell him. Some people might react weirdly, others will be totally flabbergasted and then there will be those who will smile in gratitude. Do it for those smiles – they will brighten your day, guaranteed!
  2. Get a massage. I personally recommend an invigorating Thai massage – but really any massage will do.
  3. Splurge on something fancy just for you. Just one thing that means something to you.
  4. Spend an evening binge watching your favorite series on Netflix.

  5. Start a happy-journal. Write in it every day, but make sure to only document the positive things. Train yourself to see the positive in the small things – even if it’s “just” the fact that somebody offered you their seat on the bus.
  6. Volunteer or help someone out. Ask around in your community where you could be of use. Are you passionate about animals? Check out the local animal shelter and see if they need any help. Retirement homes always need volunteers too. Or simply help someone carry a grocery bag or cross the street if they need help doing so.
  7. Try a new exercise activity. Sign up for a new group fitness class, go for a hike or jog or research yoga poses and try them out at home.
  8. Try a new food every day. For example eat a new exotic fruit you’ve never tried before for breakfast starting every Monday.

  9. Go a day without social media and internet.

  10. Call a person you have lost touch with and reconnect (if it works out, great!- if not, at least you tried)
  11. Call your parents and tell them you love them and that you are thankful for everything they have done for you (sounds cheesy, but your parents will not be around forever and you’ll be happy that you had the chance to tell them how much you appreciate them). In fact do this with every person who means a lot to you.
  12. Review your bucket list and set a date to do the first item on that list. Update the list if needed by ticking off items and adding new ones.
  13. Explore a different music genre, instead of always listening to the same. Are you a Jazz fan? Good for you –  now, try listening to reggae or soul for a change. Broaden your horizon, you might like it.
  14. Take a soothing candlelight bubble bath and pamper yourself with a face mask and a glass of Prosecco.

  15. Make it a point to laugh (and I mean laughing, not just giggling) out loud at least once a day. Make it a habit. Laughing releases the so called happy hormones and will instantly brighten your mood. Watch stand-up comedy shows, call or meet with friends, who can make you laugh. Have insider jokes with your friends.
  16. Cook yourself your all- time favorite meal and enjoy it.
  17. Turn on the stereo and dance like noone’s watching (because in fact nobody is) until you break out in a sweat.

  18. Sweat it out in a sauna or steam bath.

  19. Educate yourself on something you have always wanted to know and which you can use for small talk at the next dinner party. For example: basic wine knowledge, facts on a particular geographical region, medieval myths, wolves’ hunting strategies etc. – anything. Keep your mind occupied by learning new things once a day.
  20. Try a guided meditation session in the comfort of your own living room. You can find great ones online by simply typing in “guided meditation”.
  21. Pick a project for yourself and start implementing it as if you would a work related project:Visualize it, plan and start implementing. For example it could be redecorating your apartment, coming up with a color scheme for your bedroom or creating a balcony pond, planning your next vacation, hiking the Everest…whatever floats your boat.

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