Sometimes you gotta fake it until you make it

So, you’re not quite where you’d like to be? Whether it’s with your fitness routine, or job related or simply  where you stand in life in general?…Well, neither am I – so welcome to the club.

There are definitely times – and today is one of those days – when I doubt myself. It’s comforting to know that it happens to the best of us. Heck, I’m sure even Donald Trump has days like that. Not that I am a fan of his, politically or otherwise, but I kind of admire his self confidence – wish I could go through life talking sh** all day and not bother about what others think of me.

My goal in life is to become the best version of myself inside and out. That to me is my purpose in life and what I strive towards. Sounds easy enough but it’s definitely a process – and a challenging one at that. A endless journey of trial and error. Whenever I hit a dead end in this journey, I remind myself that I am a work in progress, which means I’ll get there one step at a time (possibly taking a few detours along the way), not all at once. The journey is after all the destination. So, stop beating yourself up and just keep going.

Moving forward is key…and, as the title of this post states, sometimes we just have to fake it until we make it. Act the part! I don’t always wake up in a jolly good mood, feeling great about myself and yet I have become a pro in acting the part of the positive, self assured person I’d like to be in moments of doubt. I do this until I have tricked myself into believing I am that very person.

It takes a little practice, but it’s totally feasible. Self doubt and wallowing in self pity won’t get us anywhere and we all know they are a big waste of time – so, next time you feel discouraged, defeated or nervous I encourage you to stand up tall and act as if you don’t have a care in the world. Wear bright colors, a great outfit and put on your biggest smile and smile at every person, who crosses your way. The smiles you’ll receive in return will make your day and give you a great confidence boost.

And remember: others only see what you show them. So, even if you are feeling really insecure inside but stand tall, head held up high (I cannot stress the importance of body language enough) and act as if you totally know what you are doing, people won’t even notice you’re nervous. Everybody is preoccupied with themselves 90% of the time anyway. Make that first impression count and give them something to remember.

Believe in yourself and your capabilities, even if sometimes you have to trick yourself into believing it. It’ll do your ego good. It sure works wonders for me.

Think of a person you admire and act the way you think that person would handle a specific situation. I’m a huge Arnold Schwarzenegger fan and whenever I doubt myself I stick to the two quotes below, which I repeat to myself like a mantra.

arnie 1

Untitled II

Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut and don’t feel like working out? Get off that couch, wear your cutest gym outfit and strut into that gym like you own the place. Do it for the “I wish I had her self confidence” looks you’ll get. The more you practice, the easier it gets. It’s totally worth it, I promise!

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