Feet up!

Some people like to meditate, some take a hot shower and others enjoy a glass of wine. Everybody has (or should have) their own de-stressing rituals.

Me? I like to put my legs and feet up against a wall and stay that way for 15 minutes, basically listening to my heartbeat calm down. It’s actually a Yoga pose called Viparita Karani and is insanely calming and soothing for both the body and mind.

IMG_1210                                                                              © 2017 fit-andfabulous.com

Not only does it boost circulation using the force of gravity, it also offers great relief to tired legs and sore feet after a day spent mostly standing or sitting, after an intense workout or after a long flight or car ride. If done correctly, it can also be a great way to stretch your legs, lower back and hips.

What I especially love about this position is, that I can instantly feel my heart beat calm down with every second and my ever-racing mind slow down. Doing this pose is what I look forward to the most when I get home in the evening – almost like a treat. It brings me a sense of calm and peace and has helped me a great deal with dealing with stress and anxiety.

I used to do this pose while listening to some music, but now I prefer to lie there in silence without any distraction and paying attention to my heartbeat and breathing slowing down with every second that passes. It’s like I am in a different world during those minutes.

You’ll have to try it for yourself to experience what I am trying to describe. I can only recommend it.

To do this position, all you need is a towel to place under your hips for support and stability, a wall and  just a few minutes of your time.

Let me know how it works out for you guys and if you enjoy this as much as I do. I’m curious to know…

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