Life is a bowl of blueberries

I simply can’t imagine going through life without my daily fix of blueberries. Yep, that’s how strongly I feel about these sweet little purple pebbles of joy.

I am a huge fan and consider them my ultimate power food (what can I say, acai and goji didn’t quite do it for me) in that I include them in my porridge, quinoa or millet mash EVERY morning without fail. They are also definitely my go-to food before hitting the gym as they give me the energy boost I need, without weighing me down, the way eating a banana would.

IMG_0961                                                                              © 2017

Whenever I can, I opt for the fresh, organic ones but will buy the frozen ones just as often. I keep forgetting to buy a bunch of fresh berries and freeze them for when they aren’t in season anymore. I’m kind of forgetful that way…

Although super nutritious, blueberries are surprisingly low in calories, making them a great snack option. They are packed with fiber (good for digestion), vitamins (specifically vitamin c and k) and antioxidants, which are great in fighting free radicals (among other things responsible for causing cancer) and help protect cells from damage and premature ageing. In fact, blueberries are believed to contain the highest antioxidant capacity of all fruits and vegetables. How’s that for such a small berry?!

Another great plus is that I find blueberries actually whiten my teeth. While I knew this to be true for strawberries, I had no idea that blueberries had a similar effect, until I experienced it myself. Even my husband noticed a difference (and he’s not usually someone to notice things like that).

What can I say, I LOVE my blueberries 😊

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